Club Championship

The maximum number of people in the Neumünster hall: 20

There is a maximum of 8 players on the 2 playing fields plus a maximum of 4 on the training field. Spectators must stay within the areas defined for them. The organiser will announce the spectator areas in advance. 

Basic rules:

1. Only symptom-free players.

2. Follow hygiene rules.

3. Maintain distance.

4. Conduct contact tracing.

Arrival and departure.

  • If the rules of distance cannot be observed on arrival, it is strongly recommended to wear a mask. 
  • The players and spectators of the club tournament are listed in the EZBC attendance list.
  • By registering for the tournament, participants agree that they will only participate in the tournament without symptoms.
  • Hands must be disinfected again before entering the grounds. 

Materials of use. 

  • It is important to ensure that, wherever possible, only personalised material is used.
  • Please clean material regularly with the disinfectants provided.

Sanitary facilities. 


  • A maximum of 7 people may be in the cloakroom at any one time.
  • Distance (1.5m) and hygiene regulations have first priority.
  • Hands are disinfected at each entrance.
  • Only every second place is occupied; the 1.5m distance rule applies.
  • Maximum ventilation with maximum supply of fresh air during presence, ventilation after each use.


  • The 1.5m distance rule applies.
  • Stagger if necessary, therefore allow sufficient time.
  • Controlled cleaning/disinfection (especially contact surfaces) and ventilation after each use is mandatory.


  • A maximum of 2 persons are allowed in the toilet. 
  • Please wash your hands with soap. 



  • If possible warm up outdoors.
  • For indoor warm-up, please use designated areas and keep distances. 
  • Wash your hands regularly.

Entrance of players/greeting before the game:

  • Players remain in their assigned half of the game.
  • Greeting without physical contact.
  • The traditional shake hands are not used. 

Playing fields:

  • It is forbidden at any time to enter the playing field for persons who are not entered on the match sheet (exception: cleaning the playing field, coaching).
  • Wearing a mask during coaching is strongly recommended. 

Farewell after the match:

  • No physical contact, the players say goodbye with foot, elbow or racket strokes.
  • Return to the dressing room without contact with the opposing players. 

Players‘ area:

  • Players are not required to wear masks in the playing area.
  • 1.5m distance must be maintained.

Award ceremony.

  • Please wash your hands before and after handing over cups. 
  • No handshake. Fist or elbow strike. 
  • Also at the award ceremony 1.5m distance must be kept.

The EZBC’s Corona representative.

The EZBC’s Corona representative regularly checks compliance with the protection concept and carries out a complete contact tracing of all activities in the association. If you have any questions about compliance with and implementation of the protection concept, you can contact the Corona Rep. 

Name: Matthias Hartmann