Protection Concept

1. Only symptom-free players in training

Persons with symptoms of illness are NOT allowed to participate in the training operation. They stay at home or go into isolation and clarify the further procedure with their family doctor.

2. Keep your distance

On arrival, when entering the sports facility, at meetings, after training, on the return journey – in all these and similar situations, a distance of two metres must still be maintained and the traditional shake hands and high-fives must still be avoided. Only in the actual training session physical contact is permitted. Playing doubles is allowed again. At least 10 m2 of training space must be available per person, which means that a maximum of 10 people may participate in our training sessions in the Neumünster gym and a maximum of 16 people in the Pfingstweid gym at the same time. The waiting players must keep the safety distance.

3. Wash hands thoroughly

Washing hands plays a crucial role in hygiene. If you wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after training, you protect yourself and your surroundings.

4. Maintain attendance lists

Close contacts between persons must be able to be identified for 14 days at the request of the health authority. In order to simplify contact tracing, the club maintains an attendance lists for all training sessions. The person in charge of the training is responsible for the completeness and correctness of the list and that it is available to the Corona representative in the agreed form (see point 5). 

5. Appointment of a Corona representative

Each club appoints a Corona representative. This person is responsible for ensuring that the applicable regulations are observed. At the EZBC this person is Matthias Hartmann-Riemer. If you have any questions, please contact him directly (