Protection Concept

1. General principles

The general principles of the regulation of the BAG and its procedures must be followed.

2. Mask 

Wearing a mask is mandatory until you reach the field. In breaks you have to put it back on.

3. Social distancing

Social distancing of 1.5 m has to be consistently respected. All the time.

4. Only singles 

Only single play is allowed. Per participant 15 m2 of training space has to be available.  

5. Limited number of participants 

  • At Turnhalle Neumünster max. 6 players can participate. Please open the windows in the training hall.
  • At Turnhalle Pfingstweid max. 10 players can participate.

6. Changing romms are closed.

Please do not use the changing rooms.

7. Hygiene regulations

All participants need to frequently disinfect or wash their hands. No shake-hands, no body contact. None. 

8. Contact Tracing

Please fill out the doodle provided to take part in the training. Scan the registration QR-code when entering the training facilities. 

9. No symptoms, please

Only come to training if you feel healthy and have no symptoms, nothing whatsoever. 

10. COVID-19 representative 

Matthias Hartmann-Riemer is the authorised COVID-19 representative of the EZBC.