This is how you become a member of the EZBC badminton club.

Beginners: As we are only a small club, we do not have any beginners’ courses. If you are a beginner, it is better to join a larger club or attend badminton courses to reach a higher level. For example here:

Advanced: Currently we have a waiting list for men. However, ladies with Interclub level can register for a trial training. Registration for trial training (ladies) or waiting list (men) directly with Jacqueline Wechsler under e-mail:

These are our membership categories and annual fees.

Season player CHF 320.-
You participate in the games, but are not yet entitled to vote. After 1 year as a season player, you can submit a written application for membership to the General Assembly.

Active members cat A: CHF 280.-
You participate regularly in the games, are entitled to vote and be elected to the board.

Active members cat B: CHF 70.-
You can participate in the games a maximum of three evenings per year, are entitled to vote and be elected to the board.

Passive members: CHF 30.-
You are a patron of our club and are invited to attend the general meeting, but are not entitled to vote or be elected.

The application form for joining the EZBC: 

Contact us by filling out the form below.

Registration as season player

Cool that you want to join us: After the three successfully completed trial trainings you can register as a season player. 

It is a tradition that you first join us as a season player for 12 months. Then the board of the club decides on your admission as a full member. At our annual general meeting you may present your application for admission in verse form. But don't worry, the whole thing should be fun. Your poem can be funny too. The members will then decide on your admission with a friendly applause.