Concept Interclub

Valid from September 2020.

The maximum number of people in the Pfingstweid hall: 24

A maximum of 16 players may be present on the 4 playing fields. Spectators must stay within the areas defined for them. The organiser will announce the spectator areas in advance. 

Basic rules:

1. Only symptom-free players.

2. Follow hygiene rules.

3. Maintain distance.

4. Conduct contact tracing.

Arrival and departure.

Guest club:

  • If the rules of distance cannot be observed on arrival, it is strongly recommended to wear a mask. 
  • Adequate disinfection of the cars/team buses before the team gets on board must be ensured. Special attention must be paid to frequently touched surfaces such as doors, handrails, press studs, etc.
  • Masks must be worn when travelling by public transport
  • Before entering the facility, hands must be disinfected. Please wear a mask inside the building, it can be taken off again when entering the playing field.

Home club:

  • Arrival is to be made individually by public transport (mask compulsory) or own means of transport (if more than one person in the car, wearing a mask is strongly recommended).
  • If the home club travels by car, the same guidelines apply as for the host club.
  • Hands must be disinfected before entering the facility. Please wear a mask inside the building, it can be taken off again when entering the playing field.

Utility material.

  • If ever possible, please only use personalised material.
  • Please use disinfectants provided. 

Sanitary facilities.


  • A maximum of 9 people may be in the cloakroom at any one time.
  • If more than 9 people are present, the cloakrooms should be used in staggered order. 
  • Distance (1.5m) and hygiene regulations have first priority.
  • Maximum ventilation with maximum supply of fresh air during presence, ventilation after each use 


  • The 1.5m distance rule applies.
  • Organise staggering if necessary, therefore allow sufficient time.
  • Controlled cleaning/disinfection (especially contact surfaces) and ventilation after each use is mandatory.


  • A maximum of 1 person may use the toilet at a time. 
  • Please wash your hands with soap.
  • Cleaning/disinfection (especially of touching surfaces) at regular intervals is mandatory.



  • Observe distance rules.
  • Assigned location for home and guest teams.
  • Wash your hands regularly.

Welcome before the game:

  • Greeting without physical contact.
  • The traditional shake hands are not used.

Farewell after the game:

  • By signing the match sheet, the team captain confirms that all persons have entered the match without symptoms when the match starts.  
  • Farewell without physical contact (possibilities are: foot or elbow strike or bowing, etc.)

Players bench:

  • It is strongly recommended to keep the 1.5m distance.


  • Standing catering such as snacks after/during the match is possible if hygiene measures and minimum distance can be maintained.

The EZBC’s Corona representative.

The EZBC’s Corona representative regularly checks compliance with the protection concept and carries out a complete contact tracing of all activities in the association. If you have any questions about compliance with and implementation of the protection concept, you can contact the Corona Rep. 

Name: Matthias Hartmann